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About Laubach Red Angus

    In 1997, Ken and Donna started Laubach Red Angus when they purchased their first registered females from Green Mountain Red Angus and Redland Red Angus.  In 2006, they acquired Tea Pot Red Angus dispersion, along with select females from NILE, Bet On Red, and various production sales throughout the years. Ken always selected for an easy keeping and high maternal female.   Herd sires are selected for moderate birth, high maternal, and high carcass characteristics.  Laubach Red Angus cattle are known for their gentle dispositions.
   With Ken’s passing in 2012, we strive to keep his ambitious goals intact, and we are very proud to continue his legacy of top-quality genetics and customer service.

    Laubach Red Angus synchronize and AI all yearling heifers, heat detect and AI cows approximately one cycle, then breed naturally with herd sires purchased from reputable breeders from Montana, North Dakota, and Nebraska.  As of 2021, Laubach Red Angus calves 200 registered females along with their commercial cattle.

Laubach Red Angus strives for customer satisfaction and stand behind their cattle.




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